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"Harry Potter 500" is a community for the writing of short fiction -- 500 words or less -- about any aspect of the Harry Potter books. This gives writers a little more freedom and flexibility than a drabble offers, but still requires the ability to tell a story with only a few words.

All characters, pairings and genres are welcome. Challenges will be offered once a week to stimulate writing. If enough people join and participate, we may eventually set up polling for favorites or compete by Hogwarts houses, but the main purpose of the challenges and the community will always be to create a place to read and write short HP fic.

Only a few rules to remember:

1) No flaming.

2) No spamming. You may mention another community, a longer story you've written, your need for a beta, etc. -- but only as a secondary part of a post that contains a 500-word fic.

3) All fic must be under a cut-tag. If you do not know how to create a cut-tag, email the moderator.

4) Fic should be 500 words or less. Obviously, the fic police are not going to arrest you if you post a 505-word story, but flagrant or repeated abuse (posting several-thousand word stories) will result in deletion of posts. If you create a longer story by interconnecting 500-word chapters or sections, that's okay.

5) Important: Authors may warn or not as they wish. Authors, you should know that you may warn for pairing, character death, angst, slash, etc. -- or you may choose not to. Readers, you should know that the warnings are a courtesy, and you can either choose to click through without warnings or refuse to read stories that lack them. It's your call. (The only exception to this is new canon: When a new book or movie comes out, please allow one week before posting anything spoilery for that without a warning.)

That's it for the rules. Everyone have fun!