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Challenge: A failure to communicate

author: zan189
rating: G
summary: Harry wakes up one night, trying to communicate something to Ron, but fails altogether.

One day during Christmas holidays, Harry woke up from a silent ‘bang’ right next to his left ear. He fumbled for his spectacles on the night board and called out for Ron who, apart from Harry, was the only one from their dormitory staying for Christmas.


‘Lon?! Musin iriyo?’

When his best friend showed no sign of awakening, Harry called for him rather loud, ‘Lon!! Musin iriyo? Ji-geum-eun isang-han SOUND deu-rosso?’

Ron himself, meanwhile, had rolled over in his bed, blinking at Harry with sleepy eyes. He appeared to be startled.


‘Nee – deu-rosso?’

‘Harry, you alright?’ Ron slipped out from under his blanket and approached Harry’s four-poster.

‘Keu-reom.’ Harry thought that Ron behaved rather strange, as his friend laid a hand on his forehead and pinched his arm.

‘Are you awake, Harry?’

‘Ong, Iro-nasso… Lon, oddot-ge? Niga na-reul alji ana? SOUND deud-ji anasso?’

‘Harry?? What’s up? What d’you want?’

‘SOUND, Lon, SOUND! Nae kui yeop-esso issosso! Pabo-ya?!’ he bellowed angrily, grabbed the front of Ron’s pyjama shirt and shook him violently. At which point Ron lost his patience, pushed Harry off of him and yelled back.


Harry gaped at him.

‘Mwo? Nado yeong-o hago isso!’ He was scandalised and shook his head in disgust. ‘Jinja!’ How could Ron accuse him when he didn’t even speak any other language than English? Harry turned his back to Ron in a huff and decided he wouldn’t waste his time with that git.


After a while of consideration, Ron mumbled something along the lines of ‘I think he’s still sleeping.’ So he stretched idly and yawned heartily, then crawled back into bed and fell asleep at once. Harry lay awake for a little while longer, listening intently for any strange noises. As there were none he finally drifted back to sleep.

From the shadows of the room, in the far-away corner from where the two boys slept, one would hear a stifled giggle, and two girls, one red, one bushy-haired, crept through a crack of the door, whispering to each other that tomorrow night, they would spell-teach Harry lessons eight to thirteen from The idiot's guide to Korean.

I hope you enjoy!
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