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For Challenge #6, "Late"

Odd little Peter-centric piece.

Peter bounded down the steps to the library, a spring in his step and a song in his heart. He had it! After all those long months of practicing, all those long, desperate sessions alone and with the others, and after several terrifying near misses, he finally had the transformation down, before any of them. Knowing James and Sirius and Remus, they would be down in the library now, Sirius looking up random but fascinating factoids and the other two trying to keep up with his manic musings and planning. Wanting to tell them himself, as soon as he could, he turned and shot into the library, slowing down under Pince’s gaze and walking over to their usual spot over by the Transfiguration shelves.

They weren’t there.

Confused, Peter searched the rest of the library, even peering as far as he could into the Restricted Section. Scratching his head, he wandered out and began considering where his friends could be. The dorms? No, James rarely spent any time at all indoors during the spring if he could help it. The dungeons, perhaps? As appealing a thought as a nearly deserted Slytherin dorm might be, it had been only a week since their last invasion. Sirius liked to make his pranks random, confusing both friends and enemies.

At last, he decided to just go down to the lake, sit down against a tree or rock, and watch to see if any of his friends passed by. His mother had found an old Muggle book in the back of their shop, and sent it to him as a birthday present. Maybe now, he could find out if Rudyard Kipling was as good as Remus had said.

Clutching his copy of Captain Courageous, Peter walked out into the late afternoon sunlight. The few billowy clouds traced dark shadows on the ground, while students wandered by or sat talking on the fresh green lawn in ones and twos and threes. He had just selected a suitable reading spot when something caught his eye. There were two black haired heads and one brown head walking down towards the Forbidden Forest, heads together and muttering voices coming faintly over the wind. Grinning, Peter jogged towards them, only to stop with shock and surprise when Remus turned to Sirius expectantly and said “So, you two finally think you’re ready?”

“Well,” came the smirking reply, “I don’t know about the herbivore over here, but you don’t need to worry about one Marauder during the full moon.” And with that, he raised his wand, furrowed his brow, and between on moment and the next became a large black dog. As Remus and Peter were gazing, dumbstruck, James grinned and said “And hopefully, I can keep both you loonies in check,” before taking the form of a tall, graceful stag.

Peter’s face sagged. Turning towards the castle, he trudged back up the hill, careful to keep out of his friends' sights. He decided his news could wait a little longer.

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