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Hello there :-)

I just found this community and I've enjoyed browsing through, so I have my own offering (hope that's okay). It's probably not a great piece to introduce myself with because it uses an odd style, but apparently it was this one's time to be written.

Challenge 6 - Episode 'That Which Survives'
Contains spoilers for HBP. And who knows, maybe a few for the seventh book :-)

Every time he fought to break the shell it was a new experience. He would stumble out of the egg, bald and crying for food, and slowly he would remember - he had done this before, many, many times.

Sometimes he had hatched in front of a Master, who would watch and sometimes help. Those times he would usually be given something to eat as soon as he asked.
Sometimes he hatched alone, in the dark.

This time he hatched in the kitchen of a little, busy house.
He didn’t have a Master this time, he knew. At least, not yet. The old Master had died, and Fawkes had mourned, and people had been popping in to see him but they weren’t Masters. Not properly.

Some of those people had fed him, and most of them had talked to him. He was a symbol. Apparently.

The wolfman told Fawkes that he was desperate for guidance and had no one to give it. The Gryffindor boy whispered his fears of death and failure. The scary man with the eye said he might soon need to take Fawkes away to a safer place, so Fawkes bit him.

Time passed, and less people visited. The colourful lady still gave him updates, but they were sad ones. Often, people fed him without saying anything, although once the littlest girl picked him up and hugged him tightly, crying without making a noise.

And then the white man came to the house. The people knew he was coming and they’d waited for him, in the kitchen, trying to eat and drink and laugh and not be sick. Then the door opened and the man stood there, with the hooded men behind him, and everybody sat still for a moment.

There was talking, there were threats, there was laughing.
The wolfman stood up slowly.
And the white man killed him.

Then there was fighting, and there were spells, and Fawkes flapped around the kitchen and pecked the hooded people and the white man. The scary-eye-man shouted a lot and killed some people but there were still so many people in the hoods, too many to fit in the kitchen. And then the Gryffindor boy came through the door, holding a sword, and the rest of the fighting seemed to stop as people stepped away, clearing space.

The boy ran at the white man as Fawkes flew at the man’s wand, taking the spells and giving the boy enough time to push his sword though the white man’s chest. The man fell down, and the boy threw some things at him. The white man picked one up. A gold necklace.

Fawkes began to feel pain, and sensed that he was getting too warm. He flew over to the fireplace, and perched on the hearth just as he began to smoulder. There were a lot of dead people on the floor, but the Gryffindor boy was still standing.

Fawkes had a feeling that when he hatched, he’d see the boy.


[I didn't set out to write a Last Battle fic. These things just seem to happen.]
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