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For Challenge #6, "Star Trek Episode Titles"

Part Two!
I was wondering what they meant in HBP when they said Amelia Bones died nastily ...

“Given your previous losses, I’d have thought you would have been more amenable to my lord’s offer,” Lucius Malfoy smiled as he pressed his sizzling wand down on Amelia Bones’ outstretched hand, drawing a muffled scream from the paralyzed minister. “Really, who could better contemplate the consequences of refusal than you?”

“Your petty amusements waste my time, Lucius,” Voldemort hissed as he hovered over Madam Bones, who was lying prone in the middle of her living room, having been stunned and captured by the Dark Lord and his minions.

“Yes, my lord,” Malfoy bowed, and sauntered over toward the living room’s bar, where Macnair and Goyle were already rummaging through the many bottles.

Voldemort bent silently over Madam Bones, the smell of burning flesh mixing grotesquely with the coppery tang of the blood she had already spilled from Malfoy’s ministrations.

Voldemort locked his gaze on Madam Bones, a flicker of satisfaction in his yellow snakelike eyes. “You would be a most appropriate servant to my cause, Madam. Proof that all could be united under my rule, despite the unpleasantness of the past. A simple memory charm, and tonight’s confrontation could be forgotten. A second charm, and the pain of your losses are numbed forever.”

Despite her paralysis, Madam Bones shuddered as Voldemort ran his wand around her forehead and down her cheek in a sickening caress.

“Your mind is too strong to be controlled easily. But having someone of your level at the Ministry at my side would be beneficial, especially considering no one would ever question your loyalty. I would also … regret having to exterminate such a long line of noble pure-blooded Wizardry. But that is what your refusal would bring, dear lady.”

Voldemort tapped his wand on her lips. “Your choice?”

Madam Bones gulped down a couple of deep breaths, and then defiantly spit toward Voldemort’s robes. “Never!”

“You dare! ” He pointed his wand at her as the spittle settle near his feet. “Crucio!”

Madam Bones screamed.


“Avada Kedavra is too good for her, my lord,” Malfoy smiled contently as he poured firewhiskey from a crystal container into a goblet as Voldemort kept repeating the Cruciatus Curse on her. “It’s far too … quick for someone as insolent as she. You, my lord, should make an example of her.”

“An example, yesss,” Voldemort stepped back and looked down at his sobbing and shuddering handiwork. “So people know that even an Unforgivable death would be merciful to those who dare defy Lord Voldemort.”

Voldemort slashed the air with his wand, and a corresponding gash tore through Bones’ robes and her skin at her midsection, eliciting another full-throated scream from her. A second slash led to blood pouring from her forehead and a third stroke stained the carpet red under her leg.

Voldemort kept slashing until there was little left except a bloody mess. “Goodbye, dear lady. Tell your brother I said hello.”

He aimed his final slash at her throat.
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