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For Challenge #6, "Star Trek Episode Titles"

Four day weekend coming up, so I'm going to try something new. Hope it works!

Lucius Malfoy shook his still-smoking hand and glared at Amelia Bones, who was standing majestically on the other side of her living room.

At her feet were two hooded and whimpering Death Eaters, whose wand hands were also sizzling. One had a trickle of blood dripping through his death's head mask, and the other was clutching an oozing wound on his leg.

Not a hair on Madam Bones’ head was out of place. "I'm surprised, Lucius, really, that your so-called master thought I could be taken so easily," she said quietly. “Though I expected more of my Auror guards, I must say. Did you have them killed before your friends rushed in, Lucius?”

A flick of her wand, and the three Death Eaters levitated into the air, arms petrified to their sides and mouths frozen. Their eyes darted about the room as Madam Bones carefully examined her now-cracked monocle, repaired it with a tap of her wand and placed it back over her eye.

She then bustled about her living room, looking for a second like the aging lady she was. She carefully picked up the now-cheering silver- and brass-framed pictures of her loved ones that had spilled off the mantles and end tables during the battle.

Many of the lamps that had earlier cast comfy glows about the room had been struck by wayward spells, and the living room was now cast in dark shadows that seemed to dance with the flicker of the fireplace’s flames.

Madam Bones hesitated for a second on one gold-framed picture, that of a man, woman and their children who were waving up at her frantically. Time seemed to stop for her as she looked at the waving family, and once she had placed the photograph back in its place of honor on the wall, Malfoy could see the waves of anger radiating off her like heat.

“Did your friends come to Edgar masked, Lucius?” she said quietly. “Did you offer him riches and glory if he became a Death Eater, and then have someone hiding in the shadows kill him and his family when he denied you? Maybe it was one of your mates here. Let's see their eyes, and I can tell.”

She smiled at the fear in Lucius’ eyes as she easily unmasked Macnair and Goyle and looked into their eyes. There was nothing elderly in her expression as she took a couple steps back from the three of them, wand sparking slightly at her side as if feeding off of her hatred.

"The third-string," she sneered. "You lot couldn't defeat a bunch of children in the Ministry, yet you thought you'd beard the lioness in her den, hmmm? Do you know how many years I’ve been preparing for an attack like this? Especially after what you lot did to Edgar?”

She raised her wand. "You should have known, it would take nothing less than Voldemort himself to bring about my death."

"Ask and you shall receive, Madam Bones," a voice hissed from the room’s darkness.

A flash of red, and the world went dark.

To be continued in "A Taste of Armageddon, Part Two" ...
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